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Experience the unparalleled commitment of iMarketing, dedicated to propelling your hydrogen ventures to new heights through strategic PR services and impactful brand positioning.


Discover the Insightful advantage – your gateway to comprehensive market intelligence and strategic guidance, empowering your journey in the dynamic hydrogen sector.


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Elevate your brand’s influence and forge lasting partnerships as iMarketing navigates the industry landscape on your behalf, leaving an indelible mark in the world of hydrogen innovation.

Let iMarketing be your ambassador at industry events. We ensure your presence is felt and remembered, facilitating connections and opportunities within the hydrogen sector. ​

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PR & Media Relations

Unleash the power of storytelling with iMarketing. From crafting impactful narratives to securing strategic editorial placements, we position your brand at the forefront of crucial industry conversations.

Marketing & Advertizing

Let us manage cost-effective international advertising campaigns on your behalf. Enhance your online visibility, boost website traffic, and improve user experience with our comprehensive digital marketing services.

Product Launch

Launch your innovations with a splash! iMarketing orchestrates impactful product launches that capture attention, generate excitement, and establish your hydrogen solutions as industry benchmarks.

Event Representation

Let iMarketing be your ambassador at industry events. We ensure your presence is felt and remembered, facilitating connections and opportunities within the hydrogen sector.

Content Development

Our team of skilled creators transforms complex hydrogen topics into engaging and digestible content. We ensure your message resonates across diverse platforms.


iMarketing crafts a distinctive identity for your brand, ensuring every communication reflects your core values and resonates with your target audience.

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"iMarketing has been instrumental in transforming our hydrogen business. Leveraging their PR and media relations prowess, they catapulted our brand into the limelight, securing strategic placements that elevated our industry standing. From defining our brand identity to engaging content development, their full suite of services positioned us as a key player in the competitive hydrogen market."
Jerzy Jurasz
Inventor HBS
"At the core of our success is iMarketing's commitment to crafting a distinctive brand identity, setting us apart in the competitive hydrogen market. Their comprehensive suite of services, including content development and news distribution, conveyed our initiatives globally, generating a significant impact. Their strategic approach to product launches and event representation has firmly established our hydrogen solutions as industry benchmarks."
Kal'air Trezeguet
Chairman H2A
"iMarketing's expertise in social media marketing has been a driving force in engaging our audience on a personal level. Their ability to create compelling content and foster meaningful interactions has significantly enhanced our brand's online presence. Proficient in advertising campaigns and digital marketing, iMarketing has played a pivotal role in boosting our online visibility, driving website traffic, and improving overall user experience."
Maid Maksumic
CEO Alcori
"From the get-go, iMarketing impressed with their deep understanding of our niche. They meticulously redefined our brand, crafted clear messaging, and developed engaging content that even made complex topics sing. This laser-focused approach has skyrocketed brand awareness, leads, and sales, solidifying our position as industry thought leaders. They're not just an agency; they're dedicated partners who deliver real results, and we're thrilled to have them on board."
Marion Mooij