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Our brand that’s covering latest news in energy industry and it’s hottest topics. It provides exclusive information to everyone working in that industry as well as great place for energy companies to advertise. Our team produced it’s logo, website, as well as thousands of articles. See screenshots below or visit

iMarketing specializes in content production and marketing in a variety of fields but has earned a renowned reputation in the space of maritime, energy, oil and gas, LNG and renewable industries. iMarketing offers a range of services to the Maritime cluster, the Offshore industry and the Offshore energy sector. Products include news sites, job portals, print media and events.  We are specialised in news, background information and support.   Online Media - - - - - - - -   Job Sites - - - -...

A team of consultants from Memić Consulting agency contacted us with need for logo website and social media pages. Check out what we’ve produced for them. (

Trč is our brand that’s producing aritcles about running for the Balkans. We’ve produced website, android & iOS application, as well as thousands of articles. Check it out at

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