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iMarketing is a European-based media agency offering internet marketing solutions to companies across the globe.



We have decades of experience in the online media business, ranging from tailored content production, copywriting and ad management services.


We have helped our clients reach millions of readers and potential customers.
Our team guides clients through the creation of a marketing strategy that suits them best and enables them to reach the exposure they seek.


Our agency also offers graphic design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO) services and multimedia production.
We are just another digital marketing agency offering “state of the art, innovative, market leading, ground-breaking, out of the box, amazing,” marketing solutions :).
While we do know some magicians, we can’t promise to do wonders for you. Though we have some tricks up our sleeves.


What we can do, is be with you through blood, sweat, and tears, through thin and thick, till death do us part.
No seriously, we do have a track record of cutting through the bulls.., and delivering results, but you don’t want to be bombarded by all of that right now.
Call us to have a chat, and then, if you want, we’ll talk your ears off with customer success stories, services we offer, our expertise, or whatever else you want to know.



P.S. If you really do wanna know more, before the call, here you go:



Pageviews: 200 000 000
Visitors: 50 000 000
Published articles: 400 000
Interviews: 1500
Newsletter subscribers: 150 000
Banner reach: 2 000 000 000
Facebook followers: 330 000
Twitter followers: 60 000
LinkedIn followers: 170 000
Over 200 fairs visited for clients doing sales, marketing, negotiations, promotions