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A good story is precisely the thing that sets big, well-known brands apart from some mediocre ones. When you have a good story, there aren’t many marketing problems. We need to make as many people as possible hear our story.

If the story is strong and the product excellent, then everything goes smoothly.

Journalists will publish articles about you, free of charge. Because they are looking for a story, they want a good story. The story is slowly spreading organically, and that’s what we call PR.

If we don’t have a story, if we are boring, then we have to pay to “force” people to talk about us, and that has some effects, but mostly weak ones.

Top brands have a good story, that’s what gives them value. If there is no story, then it is much harder to break into the market.

Many of the things we talk about in digital marketing are based on numbers, analytics, conversion optimization, retargeting, CRM, pixels… All of that is ok – but if the brand itself doesn’t have a good story in the beginning, then it’s all one big waste of time.

Because all these things serve to get your story to as many people as possible for as little money as possible, if the story is boring – it won’t be easy. On the other hand, if the story is good, much less investment is needed.

What’s your story? Do you have a story that can hit some people in the heart? If the answer is no, start thinking.

If the answer is yes, tell that story in a way that is appropriate today – videos, Instagram, YouTube. Because a brand is nothing but a product with a good story.


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