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Newsjacking is the answer to the magical question “how to make my brand interesting on social media”.

The principle is straightforward: as soon as something that everyone is talking about appears, we try to release something relevant as soon as possible, which is a reference to that topicality and also contains our brand. o

When I say as soon as possible, it means in the first 24 hours or less.

Newsjacking provokes the best possible reaction of followers on social networks because it gives you features that few people have today: spontaneity and speed.

Newsjacking differentiates between “cool brands” and “boredom” on networks.

If you look at brands whose profiles on social networks are boring, you will notice one symptomatic thing: they never newsjack.

Every post and picture of them is autistic in the media, in the sense that there is no reliance on current, sudden events from popular culture, and that is exactly what the essence of social networks is.

Newsjacking has to be sudden and is planned exclusively today for today.

Marketing agencies always make a plan of activities, what will be published when, on what day and at what time. These posts are prepared two weeks in advance, go to the client for approval, come back and forth five times, every letter is corrected…

At first glance, it seems that this is great. Planning is a feature of serious professionals; only amateurs do not plan, right?

But social networks don’t work that way.

The underlying problem is that with the work plan, we are trying to impose on people something that is not current.

On the other hand, every day on social networks, there is one current topic that everyone is talking about. Social networks dictate to us what to do. The opposite is not possible.

This is not for everyone. It doesn’t take a big budget to do this; in fact, often just a bright mind is enough.

This is not for you if you have the attitude “I like to plan everything a month in advance, I don’t do anything in a hurry”, or if you have an agency that has such an attitude.

The effects can be significant, if you do this regularly, you will have a strong, recognizable brand, and you will be the most fun profile on social networks.

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